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Schedule for Software Freedom Day on Saturday 20th September 2008


To have more presentations done in one day, current plans are for concurrent presentations of open source related issues. There would be two "tracks" - one set of presentations in one area (Room A) geared towards begineers/persons who never head of open source or Linux and one set of presentations in another area (Room B) geared towards persons more familiar with computers. Presentations are from 10am to 5pm. These planned presentations are timed, with slides, prepared script with Q & A sessions after. We will have practice sessions with these sessions to work before SFD itself. Presentations should be recorded for future viewing.


With SFD 2008 being held in the Old Fire Station, Room A could be the room on the 2nd floor and Room B is on the ground floor.


If you can assist with one of these presentations, let us know via admin at ttcsweb.org (or modify this page to add your name, and what topic you would be able to present on)


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Schedule for SFD 2008


9:00 – 9:45

Open Doors


9:45 - 10:00

Welcome - Anil Ramnanan / Dev Anand Teelucksingh - Room A


10:00 - 10:45


What is Software Freedom Day, Introduction to Free Software - Anil Ramnanan / Dev Anand Teelucksingh - Room A

This is a look at the history behind Software Freedom Day, and explains the differences of open source software


11:00 - 11:45


Open Source for Mac and Windows PCs - Mike Tikasingh / Dev Anand Teelucksingh - Room A

A tour of popular open source software that you use for free today!




Open-erp for small/medium size businesses - Garth Lezama - Room B

One of the biggest challenges facing public and private sector organizations is timely access to information. Management needs answers to questions such as -  What is the sales trend for the last year? What are our best selling products? Who are our biggest donors? Is the fund raising drive working?


From the inception of the computer industry technology has been used to monitor and track organizational processes. This led to the rise of a class of software called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. These systems assist in running the operations of global multinational corporations and they can cost up to millions of dollars to implement.


The rise of open source ERP systems such as Compiere, Openbravo and Openerp are changing the dynamics of the industry and now organizations of all sizes can access the capabilities that only large corporations could previously afford. We will look at what makes up an ERP system;  What challenges it is meant to solve;  And we will look at the Openerp ERP program in detail.



12:30 - 1:15


Introduction to Ubuntu - Richard Bailey / Richard Jobity- Room A

Ubuntu is one of the most popular versions of the operating system. Here we'll show why so many people are switching to this free operating system


Virtualisation - Naresh Seegobin, Anil Ramnanan - Room B

demonstrate how you can run other OSes within a single OS using VirtualBox



1:30 - 2:15



Wii Demo - Creating an interactive whiteboard  - Mike Tikasingh / Dev Anand Teelucksingh - Room A

Create a interactive whiteboard on any computer screen (projected or on the monitor itself) using just a infrared light pen, a Nintendo Wii Remote connected to a PC via Bluetooth and open source software.


Multimedia Editing - Jacqueline A. Morris/Richard Jobity - Room B

While digital video editing today is an affordable, popular activity for both the computer hobbyist and amateur cinematographer, many people seem to think that video creation with FOSS  is either impossible or too difficult for the average computer user. Not so! From video capture to editing to DVD authoring and encoding, you can create high-quality videos easily with free, open source software.



2:30 - 3:15


Educational Software - Jacqueline A. Morris/Ayles-Anne Wilson (UTT) - Room A

Free, fun & child friendly software for learning. Educators and Parents, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!



Building a simple website/intranet using the Drupal CMS - Shivan Jaikaran - Room B

Come learn how to set up a simple website in minutes using one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems today.



3:30 – 4:15


One Laptop Per Child laptop / Asus EEE PC  - Anil Ramnanan / Dev Anand Teelucksingh - Room A

See Open Source in use on these two unique laptops that have been changing the economics of technology.

Hacking the Linksys router - Kester Johnson, Richard Bailey - Room B

<description needed here>

- show router capabilities before

- install router firmware (DD-WRT)

- show features of updated firmware

- how to use OpenDNS and how one can filter the web of adult content for children




4:30 - 5:00


Q & A, Meeting End -















Ideas for Presentations (not formally listed in current Schedule)


These ideas were from the August 13th, 2008 meeting



Presentation Topic Notes/Ideas Presenter/s
Virtualisation demo of VirtualBox Naresh Seegobin
Open source for Mac and PC   MikeT,DevT
One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and Asus EEE PCs   AnilR,Dev T
Hacking the Linksys router

show router capabilities before

install router firmware (DD-WRT)

show features after

- how to use OpenDNS and how one can filter the web of adult

 Kester Johnson
 Multimedia Editing

Audio editing

video editing

media conversion from one format to another

 JacquelineM, Richard Jobity
Building a simple website/intranet using the Drupal CMS

Using Drupal to set up a simple website/intranet. Use existing website and port to Drupal as an example.

Shivan Jaikaran

 Do IT yourself home security  using open source to monitor cameras PaulW?
What to do with your old PC

What Linux distros could be used on old Win98 capable PCs


Educational Software for Kids

TuxPaint, TuxMath, Celestia, Gcompris

Moodle ?

Open Source Gaming    
PVR using MythTV as a PVR  
 Wii demo  using Wii remote for whiteboards  
 openerp for small/medium size businesses  The role of FOSS in the ERP market and the value proposition it provides  Garth Lezama