Action Items 


- consolidate various ttcs services (wiki, blog, website, mailing lists, facebook\events) into one or two services. Intention is to implement social network. Two sites to be tested.


- implement focus groups


  1. What about using social network software like elgg for groups under TTCS?


- focus on IT in education - why some schools don't use computers even with computer labs. A look at educational syllabus. Need to liase with Ministry of Education. This could be done in conjunction with 


-  - to promote/educate schools to use domains and to provide technical assistance with the features/capabilities of web hosting. This will involve discussing with TTNIC precise requirements include budget for scope of proposed works.


- contact MS to offer a tour of Windows 7


- podcasts - increase frequency of podcasts but shorter. aim for monthly podcasts

first recording on Wednesday January 28th, 2009


TTCS pizzalimes/podcast recordings


Wednesday January 28th 2009 - podcast

















Plans for the TTCS in 2009


To be held at 1PM on January 17th, 2009 at Engineering Consultants. Please submit ideas/contributions/suggestions beforehand so that we have these before that day and can even discuss them online!



See AboutTTCS for an overview of what the TTCS does

Please review the HelpTTCS page if you want to help TTCS but don't know how.....




Ideas for future TTCS tech meetings


Software maintenence (April 2009)


A how to manage software updates - keeping software up to date on PCs on a network (be it home or work). But there is a need to do so - newer versions of software offer more end-user benefits in improved functionality to you and your organisation ; eliminate discovered vulnerabilities in existing and older versions of the software. Ensuring everyone is running the same version of the software reduces compability problems in working with your data.


This meeting will be a look at methods for software maintenence with demonstrations.


A look at Windows 7 beta (next meeting in early Feb 2009)


Microsoft's successor to Windows Vista is available as a beta download. We'll take a look at what's new and perform an install.


Nintendo Wii (March 2009)

To be held at Hand Arnold. A look at Wii Fit, a look at homebrew applications. 


Thin Client Computing (November 2009)



Green Computing (May 2009)

How can we use computing sustainably? This meeting will discuss ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint in the data centre straight to the desktop.


Computer Recycling (June 2009)

Taking a theme from "green computing", how can/should we recycle/dispose/reuse old computer/electronic equipment? SWMCOL and another local company could help present


Wireless 802.11n - Wire level speed to the desktop? (August 2009)

Meeting should discuss the 802.11n draft and the effect that it will have on the network connectivity in the enterprise. What are the advantages and disadvantages and whether it is the way to move forward.


Internet filtering (July 2009)

Parents and guardians will want to protect their children from accessing content on the internet not appropriate for them.


Removing Malware from Windows (October 2009)


Due to less-than-optimal security configuration and/or unsavvy computer users, many Windows PCs are infected with malware. This causes a variety of problems affecting performance to the monitoring and theft of data from your computing activities. We'll take a look at how to rid such infestions on Windows PCs (without neediing to remove Windows altogether).


Software Freedom Day 2009 (September 2009)







Software Freedom Day 2009


Software Freedom Day is September 19th, 2009 (I think). We should begin planning for this event NOW rather than late July like last year.



  1. What is the scope for SFD 2009? Who is the target audience? Should we target schools? General Public?
  2. How can we partner with corporate entities to promote FOSS locally (Google, SUN, IBM etc). If we are going for companies to have booths at SFD, then a venue larger than Old Fire Station would have to be sought



Ideas for TTCS to work on


Formally establishing focus groups in TTCS

See the ttcs groups page for details


Tobago meeting

- Tobago meeting on a Saturday, bring all the tech gear we can bring (Kindle, OSSWIN CDs, Nintendo Wii whiteboard demo)

Questions to resolve : where to meet in Tobago? When? Should it be when there is a long weekend or just go for a regular weekend?


School or community outreach

e.g. intro to computing and computing careers seminars in schools and /or computing and you in the community, interaction with other NGOs.


Publish schedule of meetings for next 3-4 months

Include a schedule of podcasts for every two months.


Do more online meetings using Skype

This has worked well in the past for Software Freedom Day 2008 planning.


Find and go to different meeting/eating venues for pizzalimes

Where else could be meet and eat on a weekday and be able to chat about computer related issues?


Work on updating TTCS website

Currently, is still a static site, a CMS that allows TTCS members to participate and update the site should be done.

Proposed TTCS sitemap  :